Cooling Systems

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Your vehicles cooling system is vital to the operation of your vehicle. As the engine runs and the combustion process begins, the heat in the combustion chamber during combustion is approximately 1900 degrees Celsius. This heat is transferred to the cylinder head, cylinder walls, valves and the pistons – these parts heat up very quickly and expand. Without some form of cooling, this expansion becomes critical as the pistons begin to touch the cylinder walls and eventually seize in the cylinder bores.

This will be extremely costly and damaging to the engine. The job of the cooling system is to accommodate the transfer of heat from the engine and maintain the optimum operating temperature. One of the main components that help the cooling of the engine is the radiator. Most modern radiators are made with an aluminium centre sandwiched between two plastic tanks.

The centre or core contains a series of tubes, which allow the movement of coolant fluid between the tanks. Between the tubes are aluminium fins, which help the dissipation of heat. The action of air blowing across the fins keep them cool.

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