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Mercedes-C180 Mechanic Sydney

Todays engine is a collection of advanced parts and systems that provide the driving force to get you down the road. Modern electrics and materials may have made repairing engine more complicated, but the basic engine lay out hasn’t really changed too much over the years.

Care and attention is vital to the long jeopardy of any vehicle. If there are weird/unusual noises coming from the engine, check the oil level. Lower pitched noises tend to be bearings.If oil light comes on its best not to drive the vehicle and have it towed. If engine light is on that can be the case for many reasons. May need to get codes scanned and checked and relevant repairs carried out ASAP.

If your not sure about something its best to get in contact with us and drop your vehicle in for the experts to inspect your vehicle. Then you can continue safe and pleasant driving!

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